"The Body Achieves What The Mind Believes"

Core GT

​is Core Fitness Synergy’s signature class!  A cost effective way to get the ULTIMATE specialized work out! Cardio, Balance, Tabata, HITT, Piloxing, Core & MORE, MORE, MORE! (for ALL fitness levels)

​Kick It Up with Kelly

is a class that focuses on Cardio, Strength, and Core! This class will BURN calories and

TONE and STRENGTHEN your muscles during a full body circuit! (for ALL fitness levels)

Core Fusion

is a total fitness fusion of power core circuit conditioning, power Pilates and yoga stretch. You will be AMAZED with this work out!

Core Combo

is a class to “burn baby burn” calories!  Using non “ jamming”  new exercises to provide the “AFTERBURN”!  Burn up to 20% more calories after your workout!   (for ALL fitness levels)


is a class using ballet inspired movements to strength your CORE and your STABILIZER MUSCLESthroughout your body. Using your own body weight for resistance, you will focus on BALANCE and BODY STABILITY without using the ballet barre! (for ALL fitness levels)